About Us


About Me

When I was growing up, I used to make lists of my favorite things, such as Broadway shows, school theater shows, and movies. My dad thought we should make the time I spent doing this into more productive time, that it would be fun to make websites about my favorite things. My dad works with computers.

The first was a website about TV shows, and then when I was interested in other things we made websites about those things. Now I build websites for various businesses and also for fun. See my Portfolio page for samples of some of my work.

About My Autism

Autism is a Spectrum Disorder or Disability. What that means is that some people are affected by it more than others. For example some people with autism have no language and others can speak and understand people very well. Some people with Autism have different behaviors. For example, some people will rock back and forth or flap their hands.

I am on the high end of the autism spectrum. My autism actually helps me with things like computer skills and website design because I can focus for a long time on these things if I’m in the right setting. The right setting for me is generally a quiet setting without a lot of noise or distractions. My hearing is more sensitive than others so loud noises really bother me.

When I work with people on building their websites, I’m more successful if we communicate in writing. Emails are easier for me to work with and understand. In order for us to be successful working together I hope you will work with me this way.